Pain Relief

What is Pain? Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage. It can also be described in terms of (such) damage. Pain can be differentiatied into acute pain and chronic pain according to onset and duration of pain. -Acute pain is usually due to injury- sports injury, disease or surgery. Usually can be controlled by medicines. Acute pain caused by injury or post surgery can be effectively tackled with bandages, sleeves, stockings according to the area of pain. -Chronic pain lasts more than 3 months. It may not be linked to any physiological events. Many pains like neck pain, low back ache and arthritis pain fall under this category. These types of pains are benefitted well with traction devices, heating devices, belts, massagers and cushions to reduce strain.  Pain can also be classified by the nature of pain Nociceptive or Neuropathic. -Nociceptive pain may result in mechanical, thermal or chemical excitation or trauma or tissues. Pain receptors or nerve endings placed widely on skin, bone, muscles, ligaments, vicerae transmit the pain to spinal cord and brain culminating in the experience of pain.  -Neuropathic pain results from damage to or pathological changes to nerves, spinal cord or brain. Pain is caused by many chemical mediators between nerves. The pain described is of the shooting type, tingling kind, electric type, lightning type or even burning like. Ordinary pain killers many not be sufficient, physical therapy also may be required to control pain. Cureka has a huge armamentarium to help relieve aches and pains picked by expert doctors to lead a healthy and pain free life.... Read more..