Compression Support

Compression supports like bandages, sleeves, belts, stockings, socks, etc are helpful in a variety of conditions. Compression devices, give a gradual, gradient compression to the affected area and hence reduces the swelling, inflammation and eventually pain. Compression devices also provide support to injured areas, and variety of supportive devices are available according to conditions like sprains, ligament tears, some hairline fractures, and supports following surgery. Various types of ankle sleeves, braces help in sports injury, sprains, strains and post-surgical supports the area, reduces pain and reduces swelling and inflammation.    Compression stocking for men and women with various levels of compression help in controlling varicose veins, prevents DVT, and also useful post-surgery. The pressure created by the stockings pushes fluid up the leg, which allows blood to flow freely from the legs to the heart. Compression stockings not only improve blood flow, but also reduce swelling and pain. They are particularly recommended for the prevention of DVT because the pressure stops blood from pooling and clotting. These compression stockings can be used during flying in long distance flights to prevent DVT. Best compression stockings or socks are available in Read more..