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-29% AVB Medium Face Slimming Mask Quick ViewBuy Now

AVB Medium Face Slimming Mask

699.00 499.00

AVB Medium Face Slimming Mask

699.00 499.00
  • V-Line Lifting Face Lift Bandage
  • Face Shaping Mask.


Climaware Prontoheat Universal Wrap

  • Experience relief on-the-go with this portable and travel-friendly device.
  • Deep tissue relaxation and comfort with moist and dry heat.

Dr Scholl Toes Protector x 1

  • Ideal protection for your fingers and areas between your toes.
  • Gives immediate relief from painful pressure and rubbing.
-28% FaceShaper_02 Face Shaping Mask Quick ViewBuy Now

FaceShaper_02 Face Shaping Mask

550.00 395.00

FaceShaper_02 Face Shaping Mask

550.00 395.00
  • Improves a double chin.
  • Improves the master muscle.
  • Prevents the sagging cheeks.
  • Suitable for shaping the cheek and jaw.

Generic Face V Shaper Bandage Face Mask Lift

  • Offers great comfort while tightening the neck, cheek, and chin
  • Compacts face and reduce fat making your face more beautiful and healthy
  • No surgery, no pain, facelift mask.

UPRIGHT GO | Smart Wearable Posture Trainer

  • Improves back posture, strengthens core muscles and relieves back pain with posture trainer.
  • Comfortable strapless posture corrector that you place on your upper back.

Vissco Active Hip Protect

  • Cast and bandage protector.
  • Makes fitting watertight and keeps your cast dry.

Vissco 1 Kg Weight Cuff

  • For Progressive rehabilitation which includes training and strengthening of muscles.
  • The cuff fits snugly and is comfortable to wear and easy to use.
  • Unique design permits interchangeable use as a wrist or ankle weight cuff.

Wedge Pillow For Elevated Support – Metron

  • Gives sturdy and stable support.
  • Can be used post surgeries.
  • Can help reduce acid reflux, snoring, heartburn, clogged sinuses etc.
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Weight Cuff


Weight Cuff

  • Weight cuff is the main weight belt you will require for a complete dynamic practice or treatment program.

Weight Cuff 1/2 Kg


Weight Cuff 1/2 Kg

  • Weight cuff is incredible to use for more dynamic recovery which incorporates preparing and fortifying of muscles.