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Herbal Care

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18 Herbs Organics Asuvagenthi Thailam 100ml (Stress Relief Oil)

  • Asuvagenthi Thailam has natural stress-relieving properties.
  • Helps treat BP, stress, depression and anxiety.

18 Herbs Organics Karippan Thailam (Hair Oil)

  • Traditional Siddha formulation hair oil
  • Used for hair fall, split hair, early greying
  • Helps eye ailments and irritation.

18 Herbs Organics Kurunthotti Thailam (Joint Pain Oil)



  • Kurunthotti plant has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • works on the central nervous system and provides relief from anxiety.
  • Useful in rheumatism, nervous disorders and general debility.


Allen A25 Nerve And Sleep Drop 30ml

  • Prescribed for sleepiness, drowsiness in the morning, and nervous restlessness.

Ascend Curcumin (Nanoparticles) – Diabetic Support/Cholesterol Control 30 Capsule


Ascend Curcumin (Nano Particles) contains Curcumin which is the main biologically active compound of Curcuma longa (Turmeric) offers wide spectrum of benefits to the body because of its antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, anti-microbial, hepatoprotective, cardio protective, anti-cancerous, anti-ulcer, anti-depressant and anti-diabetic properties.

Ascend Herbelia Hair Oil


Supports hair growth Reduces hair fall Adds volume and strength.

Ascend Herbelia Herbal Shampoo

  • Helps hair grow long.
  • Makes your hair look shinier.
  • Cures dandruff.

AVN Asmagon Tablets

  • Builds resistance against Respiratory pathogens
  • Prevent recurrent respiratory problems
  • Controls chronic cough.
  • Helps prevent asthmatic attacks.
Brand: Quick View

AVN Karkuntal Hair Oil


AVN Karkuntal Hair Oil

  • Prevents hair-fall, premature graying, dandruff & coarseness of hair
  • Cools the body and produces natural sound sleep.

AVN Koldoff Tablets

  • Fights acute and chronic upper respiratory inflammations
  • Effective against viral and bacterial infections

AVN Lumbaton Plus Soft Gel Capsules 60nos

  • Nourishes the disc and prevents the degeneration.
  • Relieves pain and inflammation