Nebulizer Machine

Nebulizer machine is a medical equipment that converts liquid medicine into a mist and that could be inhaled by you to your lungs through a mouthpiece. Nebulizers uses compressors to turn liquid medicines to aerosols whereas ultrasonic nebulizers use high frequency vibrations and works very quietly. Some nebulizers use mesh technology, that is it has inbuilt mesh to filter the aerosols but those are quiet expensive. Nebulizers delivers prescribed dose medicine with less effort than an inhaler and the medicine is delivered slowly and can be inhaled by the patient while they inhale and exhale normally for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Mebulizers come with mouthpiece or mask and used primarily for asthma medication, suffering from respiratoryproblems. Buy nebulizers at best price in India from brands like philips, easycare, Nulife, Sterling Hagen, Omron Compressor, AccuSure, Dr. Morepen etc. Always don’t forget to take time to clean your nebulizer parts and air dry. Steps to follow while using nebulizer: Step 1: Wash your hands well Step 2: Fill the medicine cup with prescribed dose of medicine. Step 3: Attach the tube and mask/mouthpiece to medicine cup. Step 4: Switch on the machine and breathe through your mouth until all the medicine is inhaled.Take deep breaths for better relief. Step 5: Turn off the machine. Step 6: Wash the medicine cup and mask and air dry. You can choose nebulizer machine which is easier for you to use and also based on the type of medicine you use.... Read more..