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Other Baby essentials

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Kiddale Electric Baby Nose Cleaner(Snot Sucker)

  1. Infant nasal aspirator with disposable cups.
  2. Keeps the baby’s nasal cavity clean and maintains good hygiene.

LuvLap Liquid Cleanser For Feeding Bottles 1000 ml

  1.       Removes pesticide residues on fruits, vegetables, feeding bottles & accessory.
Brand: Quick View

Mee Mee Baby Accessories And Vegetable Liquid Cleanser

  • Helps you clean baby’s feeding bottles, nipples, feeding accessories, toys, vegetables and fruits.

PaxClean – All in One – Child Care Triple Active Disinfectant Sanitizer Cleaner Concentrate Lemon & Neem – 5 Ltrs

  1. Recommended to be used on almost all home areas & surfaces like Floors, Walls, Toys, Cradles, Diaper Changing Counters, Baby Chairs, Prams, Walkers, Curtains, Toilets & Bath Tubs.

Pigeon Compact Steam Sterilizer

  1. Energy saving.
  2. 12 mins sterilization cycle.
  3. Built-In Thermostat
  4. Remains sterile for up to 6 hours.BPA Free

Pigeon Liquid Cleanser 200 Ml

  • Ideal for cleaning Nursing Bottles, Nipples, Pacifiers, Feeding Accessories, Toys as well as food such as Vegetables, Fruits, etc.

Pigeon Liquid Cleanser Foam Type

  • Liquid Cleanser Foam type is the ultimate natural cleanser and is essential for baby’s health.
  • Kills 99.99% Bacteria It is made from 100% food grade (Edible) Ingredients.