Protein Foods

Proteins are essential nutrient for the human body. They are building blocks of all tissues and needed throughout the body in muscle, bone, skin, hair and everywhere. They also act as enzymes in biochemical reaction. Most protein foods contains soy, whey and casein as protein source. Casein and whey are derived from milk. The major difference between these two is the digestion time. Casein digest slowly and whey digest quickly. Soy is plant based protein and it is considered as protein foods for vegetarian. Proteins not only build up your muscles but also boosts immune system, and renders enormous benefits. When you take protein supplements it is easier to control calorie intake, consumption of sugar and fat for people aiming at weight loss. Proteins also aids in weight management and acts as a bulk of energy. Kids range protein foods supports both physical and mental growth of children and also boosts the immune system of growing children. In modern trends protein bars and shakes has come into existence for busy lifestyle. At CUREKA we have come up with list of proteins that contains whey, soy, casein, vegan protein and also high protein supplements from kids to adults. Sugar free Protein supplements are also available for diabetics. Products in cureka are handpicked by doctors and also our healthcare professionals have come up with speciality supplements that is protein based supplements that supports people with liver diseases, people undergoing dialysis, and also for malnutritioned individuals.... Read more..