Traction kits

Traction devices are simple & effective devices which can be used at home to reduce pain in the neck and the low back region. These devices Are anything but cumbersome to use at home. With the advice of your doctor or physiotherapist, tractions for neck pain and low back ache can be done at home.  Cervical traction is used for a number of cervical spine injuries including cervical spondylitis, cervical herniated disc, radiculopathy, strains, neck joint syndromes and myofascial (muscle and fascia) pain. The main reason for its use is relief of pain. Pain relief may occur through one of several mechanisms, including: rest through immobilization and support of the head, distraction of the neck joints and associated improved nutrition to the joint cartilage, tightening of the longitudinal ligament and decreasing intradiscal pressure (both of which press a bulging disc more centrally), relieving nerve root pressure via increased foraminal diameter, improving head posture, and elongating muscles to improve blood flow and reduce spasm.  There are a variety of traction devices in Cureka as per individual requirements.... Read more..