Finger Splint

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Climaware CMC Thumb Brace

  • Futuristic brace that aids in the treatment of arthritis and instability of the CMC ( carpometa carpal) joint.
  • Simultaneously provides cold therapy without the fuss of using ice packs.

Tynor Finger Cot


Tynor Finger Cot

  • Provides a strong protective cover around an injured, burnt, fractured, surgically operated, recuperating finger.

Tynor Finger Extension Splint Universal

  • Immobilize and protect a finger with metacarpal injury, fracture.
  • Recuperates after the surgery.

Tynor Frog Splint

  • Provides perfect alignment of the inter-phalangeal joints by maintaining them in optimal functional position.
  • Malleable arms fold to hold the finger in the finger in the desired position.

Tynor Mallet Finger Splint Universal

  • Special design to correct the mallet finger deformity.
  • Supports the dip joint in hyper- extension, while permitting unrestricted movement of the DIP joint.

Tynor Thumb Spica Splint Universal

  • Designed to immobilize the thumb in the abduction (functionally neutral) position.
  • Supports the CMC joint and immobilize the MCP joint of the thumb without inhibiting hand movement.

Tynor Wrist Brace with Thumb (Neoprene) Universal

  • Supports, protects and immobilizes the wrist.
  • Maintains the thumb in its neutral abduction position.

Vissco Bunion Splint Universal

  • Used for painful bunions.
  • Corrects and prevents the deformity of the big toe.

Vissco Finger Splint Base Balltype Universal

  • Holds the entire finger in proper position after injury to promote healing and to prevent further injury.
  • Supports the tip of the finger; the weakest and most vulnerable to injury.

Vissco Finger Splint Universal

  • Hold the muscles by providing rigid support to fingers.
  • Has hook and loop straps to fit the fingers in better position.

Vissco HC Finger Splint H1022

  • Supports the injured limb till further orthopaedic treatment is done.
  • Reduces the chance of aggravating the fracture or injury.
  • Reduces further damage to the nerves and blood vessels.

Vissco Silicon Finger Ring

  • Protects Finger injury.
  • Prevents the formation of callus in the finger.
  • Ideal to finger edema and stiffened finger joints.