Facial Mask

Facial packs/ masks are cosmetic products utilized for skin rejuvenation. Facial masks are divided into 4 groups: Sheet masks are made of a cloth containing ingredients that create an occlusive barrier. Sheet masking is a way of sealing the active serums underneath in the skin. Peel-off masks make the use of film-forming polymers. Once they complete drying, they create a very cohesive plastic layer allowing for the manual removal of the product without leaving any residue. Rinse-off masks are applied and let to dry, then rinsed off. Hydrogels are often used as localized drug depots which release the drug (hyaluronic acid, oils, plant extracts, pearl extracts etc.) directly onto the skin. Their hydrophilic base creates a matrix to the skin, which allows high efficacy in delivering active ingredients into the skin. The benefits of facial masks include: a) Skin feels fresh and rejuvenated. b) Keeps the skin supple. c) Tightens the skin. d) Delays onset of pimples. The ingredients in each face mask decides the results it may reap and which skin-type will benefit. -Retinoic acid enhances the repair of ultraviolet (UV)-damaged skin and can reduce wrinkles caused by photoaging. -Vitamin C (l-ascorbic acid) has a photoprotective effect and the ability to scavenge free radicals and destroy oxidizing agents. -Gold nanoparticles improve blood circulation, skin elasticity, and can rejuvenate the skin and reduce the formation of wrinkles. -The presence of iron oxide provides a magnetic property to the mask, which enhances occlusive behaviour & hydrates the skin. -Mineral clays has astringency and physical exfoliation qualities. Cureka enlists a numbers for facial masks and does help you make a right choice.... Read more..