Wellness means delivering personal and beauty care for you and your loved ones externally and internally. We at CUREKA have a wide range of wellness products. This category includes: BABY CARE: A restful night sleep is the best gift you can give for your infant. Our baby care products are soft on your baby’s skin and ensures that your baby is always happy, active and comfortable. Body lotion, creams, diapers, wipes, massage oil and all your baby needs are fulfilled in this category. HAIR CARE: Choosing right hair care product is the best remedy for hair care. We, at cureka, understand what the problem is and given wise choice of hair care products which you can choose. Medicated shampoos, oils, laser devices, conditioners, hair growth serum, supplements and a lot of products to enhance your hair growth. LIVER / KIDNEY CARE: These contains supplements that promotes liver and kidney health. Natural and medicated products are given for health maintenance MATERNITY PREGNANCY CARE: It is always important to maintain and promote mothers health during pregnancy and after delivery for the betterment of mother and child. This category includes lactation management products, nursing pillows, nipple shield, breast pads, maternity belts, breast pumps to help the new mother during pregnancy and post pregnancy. PERSONAL CARE: Who doesn’t wants to be beautiful? This category includes personal care products like eyepads, foot scrubs, silicon heels, moisturizing lotion, beauty and healthcare supplements, intimate wipes and wide range of personal care products PREVENTIVE CARE: This category includes mosquito repellants, sanitizers, snore belt, N95 masks, heart care supplements, anti-snore products. SPECIAL CHILD CARE: For challenging mothers we are here. We have special care for your gifted child with products like cerebral palsy wheel chair, walker, corner chair, sleeping aids in the form of oils and drops.... Read more..