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18 Herbs Organics Karippan Thailam (Hair Oil)

  • Traditional Siddha formulation hair oil
  • Used for hair fall, split hair, early greying
  • Helps eye ailments and irritation.

3-Detan Cream Mild Fragrance 50g

  • Detan Cream.
  • Used for hyper pigmentation disorders such as melasma, chloasma, un-even skin tones etc.,
  • Contains Multifruit BSC, OMC, Tropaeolum Majus flower, Vitamin E, and D-Panthenol as main active ingredients.

A Derma Epitheliale A H Cream 35ml

  • Hydrates the skin
  • Repairs the harmed skin

A Derma Foaming Gel 100 ml

  • Foaming gel for both face and body
  • Calms irritated skin
  • Soap-free formula
  • Gentle cleansing experience

Abena maternity pads Premium

  1. Suitable for everyday use.
  2. Get on and off like a classic underwear.
  3. Can be removed by tearing the side seams of the belt.
  4. Put it on a clean and dry skin.

Acnestal Soap


Acnestal Soap


Reduces and prevents acne.
Removes Blackheads, moisturizes the skin.
Makes skin soft and supple.

AGE CARE Anti Snoring Devices


Specially designed to treat sleep apnea, snore and nasal congestion.
Relieves snoring and improves the quality of sleep effectively.
Filters air of harmful gases and dust and gives Clean air.

Age Care Moisturizing Gel Anti-slip Heel Socks

  • Silicone moisturizing gel Heel Socks for cracked heel.
  • Washable, soft medical silicone, non-toxic.

AIBI Facial Fitness Pao

  • Trains your facial muscles against sagging, smile lines and wrinkles.
  • This fitness session is a rhythmical exercise.

AIBI Six Pad Body Fit


AIBI Six Pad Body Fit

  • EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is a technology that uses electrical signals to directly stimulate and exercise the muscles.
  • Can be worn on your abdominal muscles, on your arms, legs or waist.

AIBI Slendertone Abs7 Unisex Abdominal Toner

  • Most advanced abs toning belt for men & women providing stronger and more defined abs from just 6 weeks.
  • Offers the greatest intensity (up to 150) and number of programmes (10).

AIBI Slendertone System Arms For Male

  • For a full Tricep and Bicep workout for stronger, more toned arms.
  • Activates the biceps (biceps brachii) and triceps (triceps brachii) in the upper arm for a full workout.