Wheel Chair

Advances in manufacturing and the availability of aerospace materials have promoted current wheelchair design. Cureka has different kinds of wheelchairs, on the basis of- the user's preference, lifestyle, physical conditions, transportation issues and environmental factors. The pushrim-propelled (regular)  wheelchair is light, easy to steer and has good indoor manoeuvrability but is very inefficient (for the long term) and causes serious upper body overloading.  Crank-and-lever-propelled wheelchairs and geared pushrim wheelchairs are more efficient and less demanding and may improve the quality of life of the user by expanding the range of accessible environments, reducing upper body pain, increasing independence.  Wheelchair sports are an important tool in the rehabilitation of people with severe chronic disabilities and have been a driving force for innovation in technology and practice. Powered wheelchairs enhances development and function in children too.... Read more..