Skin Care

Skin care is something each and every person in the world admire and love to do as it supports skin integrity , enhances its appearance and also relieve skin conditions. Skin does not only need external applications but also internal care and nutrition. Both are interrelated and if the skin damage has happened externally it affects the internal layers too. So skin care will be complete with both external and internal care. Dermatologist keeping this in mind provide care with cosmetics, injections, exfoliations, peeling, laser therapy, fillers, laser resurfacing, chemical peels and ultrasonic skin therapies. Proper skin care begins with washing the face twice a day. Choose a cleanser that suits your skin type. Never use harsh scrubs for facewashing everyday as it may damage your skin. Sunprotection is one of the major support that you could give your skin to maintain its health. Sundamage may lead not only to pigmentation but also premature aging, wrinkles, freckles, and in some cases skin cancers too. Using a proper sunscreen with SPF cares for the skin by providing broadspectrum protection from harmful ultraviolet lights. In modern times there are sunscreens available in cosmetic markets with blue light filters that prevents skin from damages caused by light transmitted from laptop and mobile phones. As you age your skin loses its firmness and elasticity. Boost it up with skin firming and anti aging day and night creams. Dermatologist may also recommend laser therapy. Collagen supplements and drinks are also available in cosmetic market for internal support of the skin. Moisturizing is the best part of skin care to make your skin feel hydrated, nourished and soft. Choosing best moisturizer based on your skin type whether oily, dry, acne prone or sensitive makes the difference. Using right amount of moisturizer during winter prevents dry skin conditions. Acne is a common skin issue faced by teenagers and people with hormonal imbalances. Know the root cause and choose the best acne care products. Maternity is a blessing that everyone wish but not the stretch marks. Use anti stretch mark care products during and post pregnancy to keep stretch marks at check. Post acne scars, surgical scars , post burnt scars also scares people and the worry scars their heart .there are lot of medications like silicone gel sheet and laser treatments available in cosmetic field to get rid of them over a course of time. No one has perfect skin. Keeping this in mind our doctors have created a wide range of skin care products available in global and Indian market to benefit the skin of people vising cureka.; yes at cureka you can choose from wide range of skin care products to help resolve your skin issues with list of products chosen by our expert dermatologists to lead a healthy life.... Read more..