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Console Steam Inhaler & Vaporizer


Steam inhaler naturally and effectively helps relieve respiratory symptoms of the common cold, sore throat, cough, flu, laryngitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, asthma, and allergies.

Steam vaporizer is a great natural expectorant, which clears secretions, lubricating your respiratory tract.

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Dr. Trust USA Steamer Vaporiser and Steam Inhaler Vaporizer

2,000.00 1,299.00

DR TRUST USA Vaporizer is an ideal treatment prescribed as steam therapy for health and beauty Warm, moist steam relieves persistent cold

Envyon Economy Steamer Vaporiser


Steamer Vaporiser for Facial Bath, Inhalation Vaporizer.

Health Track Presens Vaporizer

  • Warm, moist steam relieves persistent cold & cough.
  • Warm steam helps to clean face skin & cure acne, pimples.

Manogyam Advance Face Steamer Vaporiser

  • All In One Steamer.
  • Make Breathing Easy.
  • Useful in Cough and Cold.

MCP Sleek All in One Vaporizer (Blue, White)


<ul> <li>Warm, moist steam relieves persistent cold & cough </li>
<li>Opens clogged nasal & sinus passages to ease congestion, relief from bronchitis, helps clear out mucus </li>

SellRider Advance Face Steamer Vaporiser for Facial Bath

  • Face Steamer Vaporiser used to clear congestion during cold, also acts as a vaporizer.

SLICETER Multipurpose Steamer

  • Multipurpose steamer is a health care product which is need of every home.
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