Nutritional supplement

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Nestle Baby and Me Maternal Nutrition Supplement Vanilla Flavour- 400g

  • Provides pregnant and breastfeeding mothers the best-in-class nutrition.
  • Provides the balanced formulation of macro and micronutrients

Protinex Mama (250g)

  • Protein-rich supplement
  • Essential for the physical and brain development of the fetus.
  • Ensures the optimum health and development of your child.

Protinules – PL Powder Elaichi Flavour – 200g



  • Nutritional supplement for pregnant and breast feeding mothers.
  • High quality protein-rich supplement.

SimMom IQ+ Maternal Nutrition Vanilla 400g

  • Specialised nutrition offering with IQ+ blend of brain nutrients.
  • Helps in fetal brain development and healthy birthing.
  • Provides the energy, protein and calcium needs of a pregnant or breast feeding mother.

Threptin Micromix Powder Vanilla 200g

  • Support the wellness of all age – groups like growing children, pregnant or lactating women, people with stressful life, the aged & recuperating patients.