Lip Balm

Lip skin, more precisely the vermilion lip, has characteristics and properties that differentiate it from the skin in other areas of the body, suggesting that the lips require specialized protection and care. Specifically, lip skin lacks sweat glands and sebaceous glands are found in only 50% of the postadolescent population. Well moist lips are a sign of adequate hydration and good health ! Chapped lips/ chelitis is the common problem faced. This in turn leads to darker skin in the lips and triggers cold sores. The best way to avoid chelitis is to apply lip balms regularly.Lip skin barrier function as well as hydration is improved with topical applications of bees wax, coconut oil,olive oil and petroleum wax. A single application of the lip care products (lip balms ) last for  for 2-6 h post application. Lip balm containing pseudo-ceramide is very useful for the lip care of sensitive skin individuals. Sunscreen containing lip balms can protect your lips from potential cold sore triggers like sunlight and cracked lips. Cureka has a wide range of lip care products to showcase with specific indications.... Read more..