Dental Care

Maintaining good dental health improves general health too. Flossing and brushing our teeth in a proper way is the first and foremost in dental care. In case we fail to care we face many dental issues like cavities, halitosis( bad breath), bleeding gums which indicates intial stage of poor dental care. So people with dentures also need the same care as people with healthy teeth. Our dental care category includes products related to flossing, mouth wash, toothpaste, tooth powder, and denture accessories. Flossing :this is the method of cleaning between your teeth with an interdental cleaner . this helps in preventing cavities, gum diseases and plaques . plaque contains bacteria that feeds on leftover food or sugar in your mouth . so rinsing mouth after every meal is also essential as post-meal care. Plaque if not removed properly leads to tartar  , a white substance formed in between teeth. They also collects along your gum line and leads to gum diseases. So avoid all these dental issues flossing is a must as everyday care. Mouth wash: Using mouth wash helps reduce the bacteria in your mouth which reduces the amount of dental plaque. They also prevent periodontal diseases and the ingredients in mouth wash is more to be considered while choosing mouth wash. There are also specialized mouthwashes available for people with sensitivity. Tooth paste : Our toothpaste ranges are available from kids with milk teeth to elderly with issues of sensitivity. Denture accessories: All your denture care product needs are fulfilled in just a click from denture cleaning kit to fixing cream. Cleaning brushes are available as electrical as well as manual. Dentures should also be cared asyou care normal teeth for good oral health.    ... Read more..