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Aircast Venapure Stocking


Aircast Venapure Stocking offers a greater degree of two way combined with an increased end stretch provide for a better anatomical fit to the patient.

Flamingo Anklet


Flamingo Anklet

  • Supports sprained and strained ankles.
  • Prevents sport related injuries.

Flamingo Below Knee Stockings

  • Effective for visible varicose veins and swelling.
  • Provides firm compression and support to the area located below the knee.

Flamingo Gel Knee Cushion

  • Used for people suffering from knee pain.
  • Reduces the knee pain.

Flamingo Premium Anklet

  • Prevents sports injuries and ankle sprain and strain.
  • Helps reduce swelling in edema and provides comfort.

Flamingo Premium Below Knee Stockings

  • Ideally recommended for varicose veins, post surgery and pregnancy.
  • Helps in mild to moderyate strains.

Flamingo Premium Calf Support

  • Reduces painful muscle cramp.
  • Effective relief for aching calf muscles.
  • Lessens muscle fatigue

Flamingo Premium Thigh Support Pair

  • Reduces the stress and strain caused in the thigh area.
  • Reduces pain caused by injury or over exertion.

Flamingo Premium Vericose Vein Stockings

  • Helps providing relief from the symptoms and progress of varicose veins
  • Improves circulation.

Flamingo Thigh Support

  • Reduce the stress and strain on the thigh.
  • Reduces fatigue and muscle tiredness.

Flamingo Tubular Support Below Knee

  • Therapeutic compression of tired and aching legs.
  • Used on weak stiff or sore knees.
  • Treatment of post-injury recuperation.

Flamingo Varicose Vein Stockings

  • Provide controlled compression to the legs to squeeze away abnormal back flow of blood.
  • Used in all forms of venous disease including blood pools or congests in legs.
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