A proper pre and post workout meal is essential for person who follow exercise as it will supply your body with everything you need for peak performance. Having pre and post workout meal provides optimum nutrition and keeps you energized before and after workout. Your body needs the right amount of energy prior workout that is pre workout and eating too much can leave you feeling sluggish. Your body needs fuel to effectively work out. When a person exercises the carbohydrates are converted to glucose. As you work out so your energy level decreases and muscles become intake of pre work out nutrients that contains right nutrition is essential. Post work out recovery begins by refueling your body with carbohydrates because they provide energy needed to adapt and recover from work out. Maximize your muscle repair by adding protein and amino acids post work out. Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) are the building block of proteins that you can supplement prior to work out and can be sourced from protein foods or pre work out supplements containing amino acids, proteins, BCAA etc.,. Fluids are also important as they transport nutrients all over the body and provides energy. Replenishing the water lost through sweat as you work out is necessary to muscle recovery. Replenishing with electrolytes can alleviate post work out symptoms like muscle fatigue. Thus pre work out supplements boosts energy for longer work outs and post workout supplements helps in muscle recovery and muscle building. Both are important part of exercise regimen. At cureka you can get supplements handpicked by healthcare professionals with utmost care.... Read more..