Minerals are essential micronutrient that our body needs for proper functioning. This includes calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, copper, fluoride and so on. Minerals help your body to grow and stay healthy. They are essential for proper function of bones, brain, heart and muscles. They also play an important role in enzyme and hormone stimulation. They are required for numerous things like building strong bones , transmitting nerve impulses and so on. Calcium: this mineral helps in building strong bones in kids and adults and is richest source of dairy products and also responsible for healthy teeth too. Iron: iron is essential for haemoglobin formation, an important red blood cell that carries oxygen from lungs to rest of the body. Potassium: helps in functioning of muscles, heart and nerve cells. Zinc: boosts your immune system and promotes healing process. Most people get the amount of minerals required by eating a balanced diet. Few may need supplements when they are deficit to any form of mineral. Trace minerals like zinc, iron are required by the body in very limited amount. Taking mineral supplements should be advised by healthcare professional. We at cureka have listed an array of mineral supplements essential to strengthen bones, boost immunity and aid at healthy living.... Read more..