Flamingo Wrist and Forearm Splint – Medium


Flamingo Wrist and Forearm Splint – Medium

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Product Highlights

  • Provides support and immobilizes the wrist.
  • Comfortable splint for post operative rehabilitation.
  • Open fingers design leaves the thumb and fingers free.
  • Foam fabric gives cushiony feel.
  • Can be used in both left and right hand.
  • Available in sizes S,M,L,XL,2XL.

Expert's Advice

Forearm and wrist splint that immobilizes the wrist recommended for sprains, strains , minor fracture of wrist and distal forearm and in post surgical protection and rehabilitation.

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MRP: 495.00

MRP: 495.00

Flamingo Wrist and Forearm Splint – Medium

MRP: 495.00

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  • Designed to immobilize and provide firm but comfortable support to hand and wrist in various orthopedic conditions.
  • Made of high quality foam laminated fabric
  • Has three sets of buckle and Velcro straps to adjust fitting properly.
  • Unique design facilitates the use in both right and left hand by just interchanging metal splints into the pocket.
  • Keeps the thumb relaxed to prevent fatigue.
  • Measure the circumference of wrist S 12.5-15 cm, M 15-17.5 cm, L 17.5 – 20 cm, XL 20-22.5 cm, 2XL 22.5-25 cm.

Direction of use

  • Take out the malleable splint and bend it according to the contour of the wrist according to the degree of dorsiflexion required.
  • Now push back the splint into the brace.
  • Wear it by inserting your arm inside the wrist and forearm splint by aligning with the palmar crease.
  • Fasten the straps.

Safety information

  • Do not fasten the splint too tight.
  • Use as per medical advice only.


Reduces joint pain by immobilizing and supporting the injured wrist and forearm.

The splint  holds the joint in a neutral point and it is advisable to wear the splint at night as you may bend your hand while you’re sleeping.

It is not recommended to drive throughout the time you are advised to wear the splint.

Make sure you don’t put more pressure on the fractured wrist by not wearing the splint tight.

Wrist and forearm positions the wrist and hands correctly by protecting and supporting fractured wrist , reduces pain, swelling, weak joints by immobilizing.

Splint holds the bones and joints in place so they can heal after a fracture, injury or surgery.

Yes can be used post surgery for rehabilitation.

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