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Vissco Cervical Contoured pillow – Small

  • Beneficial for people suffering from cervical spondylosis.
  • Provides optimal muscle relaxation and support to the head and neck during sleep.


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  • Helpful in stiff neck, mild sprain or cervical spondylitis can often find the need to pick up the right cervical pillow.
  • Moulded from high density polyurethane foam that ensures the pillow won’t lose shape even after prolonged use.
  • Maintains the neck in slight hyperextension providing optimal muscle relaxation and proper support to the head and neck during sleep.
  • Wide enough to permit the patient to turn side-ways and still get the effect of the extension.
  • You can use either sides of the pillow to suit your comfort.
  • Two different heights to choose to suit individual’s requirement.
  • Firmness and resilience combined with softness and comfort.