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Product Highlights

  • Cleanses, moisturizes, and keeps the delicate baby skin soft.
  • Have an effective combination of Aloe vera and Vitamin E that moisturizes and keeps the baby’s delicate skin soft and smooth.
  • These wipes are gentle and effective on baby skin.
  • These give babies a natural and pleasant feeling after each use.

Expert's Advice

Stiora Spunlace Nonwoven fabric baby care wipes is used for gently cleansing and moisturising the baby's sensitive skin during diaper changes. Comes in unique easy to use re-sealable packaging.It prevents rashes.Keeps skin free from germs.

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  • These gentle wipes are non-woven and do not irritate sensitive skin of the baby
  • Aloe vera present in these wipes cleanses the baby’s skin and provides much-needed hydration and nourishes it
  • Vitamin E present in these wipes provides crucial moisture to babies making them silky, smooth and soft
  • Vitamin E also has hydrating properties and helps to protect the skin from dryness
  • These cleaning wipes are non-woven, so they won’t irritate the baby’s delicate skin

Directions for Use:

For Baby Girls:

After removing your baby girl’s soiled diaper, gently wipe her clean from front to back with a baby wipe. Never wipe from back to front, as bacteria may enter the urinary tract, cause inflammation, and increase the chances of urinary tract infection. Also, wipe the creases between the thighs and buttocks with a fresh baby wipe.

For Baby Boys:

When changing a baby boy’s diaper, his penis should be cleaned first. Wiping under the testicles and the creases between the thighs is also necessary to lower the chances of infections. You can wipe his buttocks at last.

Once you’re done wiping your baby’s diaper area, let it air dry or pat dry with a washcloth. Then apply some diaper ointment before putting on a new diaper.

Safety Information:

  • Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight
  • Keep out of reach of children


Store the wipes in a resealable plastic bag. Close the cover completely after you remove the wipes that you need.

Baby wipes are not usable past their expiration or best by date as long as there is no presence of mould, mildew, or bacteria on them. If there are any signs of contamination, throw the pack out and switch it out for a new one.

Baby wipes are made for delicate, sensitive skin, so they don’t have those harmful and irritating chemicals. They’re also antimicrobial and disinfectant, so they’re perfect for cleaning.

The high water content of wipes means that the moisture and cleaning agents in wipes can quickly evaporate if the pack is not closed tightly enough.

Adding a little distilled water to the package to moisten the wipes is enough to restore them back to usefulness.

Baby wipes are simply a durable, moist cloth that usually contains little more than water and possibly some moisturizers. Baby wipes are effective for cleaning up after a diaper, wiping your baby’s face and hands, and cleaning any other part of your baby’s body

Baby wipes are used to keep the diaper area well hydrated and soft which helps in preventing diaper rash. While changing diapers you can gently clean the diaper area with baby wipes to keep your baby’s skin moisturized and soothed.

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