Group Pharma Freshclor Mouthwash 200ml

Group Pharma Freshclor Mouthwash 200ml

MRP: 210.00

  • Alcohol-free mouthwash gives good breath.
  • Promotes oral health and avoids cavity formation.

Expert's Advice

Mouthwash for bad breath. Non irritating. Eliminates harmful bacteria, controls oral infection


  • Reduces as much as plaque formed in between the teeth and provides comfort.
  • Fights against the bad breath for more than eight hours.
  • Does not cause any kind of irritation or burning effect.
  • Reduces bacteria and inhibits bacterial growth.
  • Destroys germs, bacteria, and substances that cause bad breath.
  • Does not cover up the bad breath rather than eliminates the bad breath.
  • Gives a fresh feel after every usage.
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