Flamingo Flamistretch OC2209


Flamingo Flamistretch OC2209

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Product Highlights

  • Exercise band made of stretchable material. 
  • Compact, lightweight and portable. 
  • You can do many beneficial exercises with it. 
  • Improves strength and flexibility. 
  • Available in three colors – orange, light green and golden straw. 

Expert's Advice

Flamistretch is an ideal exercise band allows you to do various exercises with convenient. It can be used by people with limited mobility to improve their muscle strength, grip and flexibility and also reduces muscle fatigue.

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MRP: 300.00

MRP: 300.00

Flamingo Flamistretch OC2209

MRP: 300.00

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  • Ideal exercise band to perform multiple exercises. 
  • Reduces stress on your hands, increases stamina and grip strength.  
  • Great for preventing hand fatigue. 
  • Can be used to exercise all areas of the body. 
  • As it is available in three different resistance levels, will be suitable for children and adults. 
  • Will be beneficial in rehabilitation, reducing work strain in pianist, guitarist, rock climber and players.

Directions of Use

You can do squats, lateral raise, chest press, leg press, seated calf press, bicep curl and tricep press with this band.

Safety Information

  • Keep it dry and clean.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


Yes. You can use flamistrech exercise band every day; it will strengthen your muscles, improve body strength and stamina. 

You can do many healthy exercises with it like squats, lateral raise, chest press, leg press, seated calf press, bicep curl and tricep press.

It is a compact, lightweight and portable exercise band helps you to do various exercises, prevents fatigue and improves grip strength. 

Anyone can use this flamistrech exercise band as it comes in different resistance levels. 

Yes. Persons with limited mobility also can use this flamistrech exercise band to do exercises as there are multiple exercises which can be done when seated. 

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