Pigeon Cooling Teethers in Shapes of Piano


Pigeon Cooling Teethers in Shapes of Piano

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Product Highlights

  • Cooling teethers for your little one. 
  • Wide handle for easy holding and grip. 
  • Contains sterilized water inside. 
  • Helps to reduce pain and itchiness during teething. 
  • BPA free.
  • Available in different fun shapes.  

Expert's Advice

Teething is when the first teeth come through your baby's gums; it can be frustrating and little painful for your little one. Using teethers can help to get rid of teething pain and itchiness and also encourages the development of the periodontal membrane from the time the baby's primary teeth first emerge.

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MRP: Offer: 226.00You Save: 53.00

Pigeon Cooling Teethers in Shapes of Piano

MRP: Offer: 226.00You Save: 53.00

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  • Pigeon teethers are uniquely and shaped for baby’s mouth.
  • Filled with tested sterilized water, thus completely safe for babies. 
  • Suitable for babies from 4 months. 
  • Its wide handle has the perfect thickness for baby’s small fingers to grasp securely.
  • When baby starts to teeth, the teether can be placed in the refrigerator to soothe baby’s gums.
  • Bright colors encourage eye tracking and different shapes stimulate texture understanding. 
  • Comes in various colors and fun designs like circle, square, triangle, piano, guitar, trumpet, flower, star and duck. 

Directions of Use

  • Give pigeon cooling teether to your baby and let him / her to play with it like a toy. It is completely safe to chew.

Note: Make sure, the teether is well cleaned before you give it to your baby. 

Safety Information

  • If the teether is torn or broken, please replace it regardless of the number of times it has been used.
  • Store in a cool and dry place. 
  • Keep out of reach of children.


Cooling teether is a liquid filled toy-like object with handle to hold; it is given to babies during teething to reduce their distress and pain. 

Yes. Cold teether can be very refreshing for a teething baby; as pigeon cooling teethers contain sterilized water inside, they are safe for babies too. 

The common sign of teething are, babies gum seems sore and red, they have rash on their face, they are rubbing their ear and dribbling more than usual.

You can put teethers in refrigerator to give a cooling sensation to your little one. But, you should not freeze them as frozen theethers can become very firm and could injure your babies’ gums and also it can damage the durability of the teethers.

Teethers containing harmful chemicals like phthalate and BPA can be harmful to the baby. Pigeon cooling teethers are totally free from harmful things. 

You can give pigeon cooling teether to your baby. It is completely safe to chew and contains no harmful chemicals and helps to ease teething pain. 

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