Pigeon Natural Feel Nipple Shield (1pc) Size 3 (16 – 20 mm)


Pigeon Natural Feel Nipple Shield (1pc) Size 3 (16 – 20 mm)

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Product Highlights

  • Nipple shield is an ideal solution to sustain breastfeeding.
  • Pigeon natural feel nipple shields available in two sizes.
  • Size 2 for 13 -16 mm nipple diameter and Size 3 for 16 – 20mm nipple diameter.
  • Made from a soft flexible silicone rubber.
  • Provides a wide contact surface.
  • BPA / BPS free.
  • Suitable for flat and inverted nipples.
  • Enables baby to be in direct contact with mother’s skin.

Expert's Advice

Pigeon natural feel nipple shield has unique butterfly shape to maximize skin to skin contact between mother and baby. Its round nipple shape design helps to latch easily onto breasts, will stick firmly in place and provides seamless skin contact, enables baby to feel mother’s body temperature and minimize nipple confusion.

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Pigeon Natural Feel Nipple Shield (1pc) Size 3 (16 – 20 mm)

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  • Nipple shield is used for flat or inverted nipples, sore or cracked nipples and for pain relief when baby latches on.
  • Gives protection against “teething toddlers”.
  • The cut-out section on the top of the nipple shield enables baby to be in direct contact with mother’s skin.
  • Holes on the nipple are designed to be exactly the same as the mother’s nipple.
  • Uniquely shaped to maximize skin to skin contact between baby and mother. 
  • Specially designed to help mothers with latch – on issues and also helps to relieve pain on sore or cracked nipples when baby sucks.
  • Helps baby to establish the initial latch to the breast and prevents choking. 

Directions of Use

  • Place the nipple shield over the nipple by turning it outwards.
  • For more secure fit on the skin, you may wet the inside of the shield with breast milk.
  • Now, insert the nipple into the nipple shield hole and attach it firmly on to the skin.

Note: Before use, express some milk onto the tip of the shield so that baby can have a smooth introduction to the shield. 

Safety Information

  • If pain becomes severe after use, stop using it and consult your health care professional.
  • If this product is torn or broken, please replace it regardless of the number of times it has been used.
  • Please be careful not to pull it too hard and do not allow babies with teeth to chew on it, as it may tear. 
  • Do not keep it near a fire. It may be deformed. 
  • You may discontinue the usage of the nipple shield when your wounds and pains are healing or baby is able to latch onto breasts.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


Nipple shield is a flexible, soft silicone nipple fits over your nipple and areola to help your baby latch on properly.

Pigeon natural feel nipple shields are designed to help babies with trouble latching onto the breast by acting as a long &, firm nipple.

No. A shield cannot correct / cure sore and damaged nipples or low milk production. It will act as a second nipple to encourage breast feeding in babies. 

Usually, nipple shields are recommended to mothers with flat / sore / cracked / damaged nipples or in cases in which there is a failure of the baby to effectively latch onto the breast. It is advised to consult your doctor before you start using a nipple shield. 

Pigeon nipple shield is available in two different sizes like size 2: 13 to 16 mm and size 3: 16 to 20 mm nipple diameter; choose the correct size nipple shield based on your nipple diameter. 

It is not necessary to wear a nipple shield when pumping breast milk with breast pump.

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