Dr.Odin Smart- Stand Alone Walking Stick-09


Dr.Odin Smart- Stand Alone Walking Stick-09

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Product Highlights

  • Helps for a walk in dark, plays FM radio for lonely times and sounds an emergency siren on a press of a button.
  • Provides a firm support to people who need to depend on others while walking.
  • Comes with a firm grip that does not let the hand slip. 
  • Easily adjustable and light weight walking stick
  • Made with light weight aluminium

Expert's Advice

Dr. Odin Smart- Stand Alone Walking Stick is a walking stick which will provide you support, confidence, balance and safety. Comes along with features such as LED flash light for you to walk in the dark, an FM Radio, a hooting siren for emergencies on a one-touch button, rechargeable lithium battery and adjustable height.

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MRP: 5,450.00

MRP: 5,450.00

Dr.Odin Smart- Stand Alone Walking Stick-09

MRP: 5,450.00

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  • Has an FM radio which is helpful in entertaining along the way.
  • Comes with a LED torch that helps the user to be aware of their surroundings in the case of low light around them
  • The SOS alarm helps the user easily contact others if they are facing any emergency or problem.
  •  The length of the walking stick is adjustable so that it can cater to the height of any person using it.
  •  Has an easy to maintain rechargeable battery 
  • Portable and easy to be carried around while walking

Directions for Use

  • When standing up straight, the top of the stick should reach to the crease in your wrist.
  • Your elbow should be slightly bent when you hold your stick.
  • Hold the stick in the hand opposite the side that needs support. For example, if your right leg is injured, hold the stick in your left hand.

Safety information

  • Simply brush off any dirt or dust with a dry cloth. 
  • If dirt seems to be sticking on, wipe with a damp cloth and dry it completely before storing it.
  • As you clean, pay attention to any broken bits, nicks or scratches.


If you are using Dr.Odin’s walking stick because one leg is weak or painful, hold the stick on the opposite side from the weak or painful leg. For example, if your right hip is sore, hold the stick in your left hand. If you are using the stick for a little help with balance and stability, hold it in the hand you use less.

Step up with your stronger leg first. Place your weight on your stronger leg and bring your stick and weaker leg up to meet the stronger leg. Use the stick to help your balance.

The walking stick encourages the patient to stand straighter, have better posture, and walk with a more natural stride (within the limits of the condition requiring the assistive device).

Properly used, a walking stick or cane can relieve pressure on painful joints and can improve your balance.

In order to find the right height walking stick for you, measure from the bottom of the wrist bone (where the bump is), to the floor. This ensures your wrist is at the optimum comfort position when holding your walking stick, with the arm slightly bent and the shoulders level.

Whenever you need extra balance, stability or support while walking, one can use a stand alone walking stick.

Most seniors are likely to fall when walking without aids. However, you’re better off with a walking stick. It would keep your balance and stability while improving your posture. A walking stick does this by tightening the muscles in your upper back

Walking poles can help improve posture and balance, reduce joint pain, and improve mood and confidence. This activity can be extremely beneficial for active seniors, arthritic users, patients with cardiac health concerns, people living with diabetes, Parkinson’s disease

Walking is a surprisingly effective approach for relieving sciatic pain because regular walking spurs the release of pain-fighting endorphins and reduces inflammation.

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