Dr.Odin Hot Water Bottle


Dr.Odin Hot Water Bottle

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Product Highlights

  • Retains heat for a long period of time so that it provides maximum comfort
  • Has a large water inlet mouth and is recommended for heat therapy
  • Easy to use and carry around as it is designed to be portable and convenient
  • Outer surface of this product is slip proof 
  • Made from high quality natural rubber
  • Has 2000ml capacity

Expert's Advice

Dr.Odin’s Hot Water Bottle is primarily used to provide warmth and for the application of heat to relieve pain and discomfort. Used for heat therapy to relieve muscular cramps, arthritis pain, rheumatic pain and joint pain

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MRP: 450.00

MRP: 450.00

Dr.Odin Hot Water Bottle

MRP: 450.00

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  • Dr.Odin’s Hot Water Bottle is specially designed to provide warmth
  • A container made of high quality rubber that can be filled with hot water and sealed with a stopper.
  • Can be used for heat therapy to relieve joint pains, muscular cramps, menstrual pain, stomach or backache, muscle pull, arthritic pain, rheumatic pain and ache from sports activity. 
  • Has a ribbed outer surface which helps to maintain liquid temperature.
  • Ribbed side gently releases diffused natural heat and when needed turn over to increase the warmth that will last for hours

Directions for Use

  • When filling the bottle do not use boiling water
  • Fill to a maximum of two-third capacities
  • Check the bottle for any leakage by holding the bottle in an upside-down position
  • Expel air by lowering carefully onto a flat surface until water appears at the opening
  • Screw the stopper sufficiently tight to ensure that there is no leakage

Safety information

  • Ideal to store in a cupboard, drawer or wardrobe but avoid airing cupboards, boiler cupboards or heat sources such as radiators. 
  • Also avoid putting anything on top. 
  • Continued fluctuations in temperature can adversely affect the bottle.


Hot water is a vasodilator, meaning it expands the blood vessels, improving circulation. This can help muscles relax and reduce pain

Remove the hot water bottle before going to sleep and never try to sleep lying on top of one. To avoid burns and similar injuries, always use a hot water bottle with a cover or alternatively wrap your bottle with a towel. Avoid contact with one part of the body for more than 20 minutes

If used and stored according to recommendations, your hot water bottle should give good service for approximately 2 years; during this time, rubber will naturally deteriorate, therefore it is advisable to replace your hot water bottle to ensure it is compliant with British standards for safe use.

Throw it out if there are any signs of leaks or if it looks cracked, damaged or brittle.

 A hot compress of Dr.Odin’s hot water bottle can physically shut down the normal pain response involved in stomach aches, period pain or colic.

Heat via a hot water bottle is ideal for reducing tension, cramping, and muscle spasms.

When filling your hot water bottle, do not use boiling water. Once the water has boiled allow it to stand for a couple of minutes before filling your bottle. Filling a bottle with boiling water can cause splash back, which may cause burns.

Older people with sensitive skin and people with reduced feeling in parts of their bodies should avoid using hot water bottles.

The reason why you should only fill your hot water bottle 2/3rds full is very important that your hot water bottle is not over inflated with either water or air. By filling up your hot water bottle completely, it does not allow the water to move freely and causes pressure on the hot water bottle.

A simple treatment for arthritis-related joint pain is to apply a hot-water bottle to the aching joint. If brought to a warm but comfortable temperature, these can be helpful for arthritis.

 To relieve pain and inflammation caused by the sciatic nerve is to apply a hot water bottle at the bottom of your spine, or over the painful area. This helps to relax surround muscles and increases the release of endorphins that help to promote wellbeing.

Ribbed side gently releases diffused natural heat and when needed turn over to increase the warmth that will last for hours. Ribbed on both side – diffuse heat to last longer and avoid being too hot.