Tynor Compression Garment Face Open Hood – Universal

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Tynor Compression Garment Face Open Hood – Universal

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Product Highlights

  • Provides optimum compression
  • Protect and support facial region.
  • Used to cure burn scars and facial lymphedema
  • Easy to use compression garment which is soft, durable, Dermophillic,aerated, four way stretch 
  • Available in various sizes. 

Expert's Advice

Tynor compression garment face open hood helps reduce swelling,offering optimum compression to therapeutically protect and support facial region. Very helpful post facelift and other cosmetic surgery,apart from lymphedema and other vascular conditions.

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MRP: 480.00

MRP: 480.00

Tynor Compression Garment Face Open Hood – Universal

MRP: 480.00

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  • Used in post facelift and other cosmetic surgery, apart from lymphedema and other vascular conditions.
  • Adjust strapping for a secure and comfortable fitting.
  • Product should be tight enough yet comfortable.
  • Proper size garment be selected to avoid excessive compression. 
  • Anatomical shape provides perfect fitting and uniform compression.
  • Use of high quality material ensures strong, durable and long functional life with pleasant aesthetics.
  • Discontinue use and seek guidance of a qualified doctor, in case of   
    • Impaired sensation
    • Impaired blood flow
    • Allergy rash or itching 
    • Pain increases or persists
  • Consult your doctor in case of concurrent use of the device with other medical device or excessive physical exertion. 
  • Misuse, or improper use of the device can lead to adverse effects and decreased effectiveness
  • Product be preferably worn over a cotton lining or an under garment 

Directions To Use:

  • Position the product on the chin and apply the wider straps around the face.
  • Position the ears between the windows provided.
  • Next fasten the lower straps around the neck.

Safety Information:

  • Hand wash with mild detergent and water without wringling.
  • Dry in shade on a flat surface.
  • Do not dry clean. 
  • Do not Iron.
  • Do not bleach.


After a facelift, neck lift, or neck liposuction, you should sleep with your head elevated while wearing your compression garment as instructed. The compression garment should fit well and apply gentle pressure without being uncomfortable. It is necessary, however, to remove your compression garment while showering.

Facial compression garments are designed to be used in post-operative phase after facial surgeries such as facelifts, facial rejuvenation, facial reconstruction, otoplasty (ear surgery), neck lifts and liposuction of chin, as well as facial implant surgeries such as chin implants, chin augmentation and cheekbone.

Without compression, post-op swelling lasts considerably longer, meaning you won’t be able to see final results as quickly. Improve overall results.

Use a mild soap and keep your shower on a gentle setting. Avoid applying soap directly to the incisions until they are sealed. Air dry. Avoid toweling the incision area to prevent reopening the wound.

On average, any potential numbness typically resolves within three to six months of your surgery. Ultimately, it is important to note that every patient heals differently.

Post-facelift massage helps to prevent the buildup of toxins in the affected facial area, and helps bring nutrients to the skin and tissue by improving blood circulation. Gentle, upward massage helps nourish the affected area and helps to improve facial flexibility.

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