Tynor Medical Compression Stocking Mid Thigh Small

Tynor Medical Compression Stocking Mid Thigh Small

MRP: 775.00

  • Controlled and graduated compression effectively stops any abnormal back flow of blood.
  • Compresses the outer walls of superficial veins to prevent varicose veins.


  • Compression stockings mid thigh classic provide graduated compression, which is strongest at the ankle and it gradually decreases as we move up.
  • High quality, high denier yarns used are dermophilic, impart strength, durability, excellent aesthetics and long functional life to the stockings.
  • Higher Spandex content ensure effective compression.
  • Tapered Shape ensures better fitting and uniformly reducing compression for effective blood evacuation.
  • Closed heel and open toe design is comfortable at the heel, ensures effective blood evacuation and is easy to wear.
  • Sizes – S-37-43cm, M-43-49cm, L-49-55cm, XL-55 – 61cm,,XXL- 61-67cm

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L, M, S, XL, XXL

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