Dyna® Spinogrip Spinal Brace XL


Dyna® Spinogrip Spinal Brace XL

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Product Highlights

  • Ideal spinal support for post-operative immobilization. 
  • Compact and anatomically contoured design ensures perfect fit.
  • Comes in a two-piece design; spinogrip upper and spinogrip lower.
  • Upper and lower part can be selected individually as per your requirement. 
  • Adjustable shoulder straps for proper fit. 
  • The upper and lower part has 4 different sizes each: S, M, L and XL

Expert's Advice

Dyna® Spinogrip has two piece design ensures a custom fit and fulfills your needs; the upper and lower part can be selected separately as per the specific size requirement which makes it more convenient than the ordinary braces having single piece design; it is well suited for conditions such as compression fractures and postoperative conditions where the complete immobilization of the spine is required.

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MRP: 5,040.00

MRP: 5,040.00

Dyna® Spinogrip Spinal Brace XL

MRP: 5,040.00

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  • Specially designed spinogrip spinal brace is ideal for post-operative immobilization, osteoporosis and hyper kyphosis with low back pain. 
  • Bio-mechanically designed spinogrip upper part has rigid metal to provide complete support to the spine and relieves pressure off the spine. 
  • The upper metal brace is covered with soft fabric and has adjustable hook and loop straps for perfect fit. 
  • Posterior metal frame facilitates correct posture and gives adequate spinal support. 
  • The long metal frame that extends from thoracic to lumbo sacral region for optimal spinal support.
  • Spinogrip lower part is the 3D knitted corset which is made of four-way stretchable and breathable material.
  • Allows better air circulation and reduces sweat accumulation.
  • This lower part with the straps and rigid metal frame supports your muscles in holding your shoulders back and straightening your upper body. 
  • Correct fitting and anatomically contoured design of the support offers adequate compression and perfect fit
  • Fastening handles helps in easy application as well as removal of the brace without much effort.

Directions of Use

  • Insert the metal frame of the upper part into the pocket of the corset and place it so that it is vertically positioned over your spine.
  • Insert your hands through the straps on either top side of the brace.
  • Stretch from both ends of the corset & apply the hook and loop.
  • Fix the hook and loop closure of the lower part by tightening and wrapping it around the abdomen.

Safety Information

  • Hand wash with mild detergent and water. 
  • Keep out of reach of children. 


Spinogrip is a specially designed spine support brace, has two parts for customized fit and optimum support.

A spinal brace is a supportive brace designed to limit movements of the spine; most it is used to manage spinal fractures and also be used for support after surgery.

Yes. The upper and lower part of the Dyna spinogrip brace can be chosen separately to fulfill your need.

You can wear spinal brace for the following conditions, post operative immobilization, osteoporotic spine, hyper kyphosis with low back pain and posture correction.

Hyper kyphosis can be referred as the excessive curvature of thoracic spine; it is also known as hunch back. Wearing a posture corrector brace can slow the hunched shoulder formation and decrease the chance of surgery need

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