Uvmed Tinted Sunscreen Gel SPF 50

Uvmed Tinted Sunscreen Gel SPF 50

MRP: 360.00

  • Wide sun protection against UVA I, UVA II and UVB.
  • Ideal for oily, acne prone skin as it is oil free formula.

Expert's Advice

Dark skinned individuals with pimples or taking treatment for pimples should choose this sunscreen.


Ethicare UVMed Tinted Sunscreen Gel SPF 50

  • Provides 50 times more protection from sunburn due to the special ingredients and unique formula.
  • Regular use prevents any type of skin damage done by UV rays.
  • Prevents darkening of skin, sunburn, premature ageing.
  • Useful for both indoor and outdoor and it can be used in any season.
  • Does not contain any colourant or perfume that may cause allergic effects.
  • Ingredients – Homosalate,Octrocrylene, Octyl salicylate, Avobenzone, Benzopheonne-3, Tinosorb-M.
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