Pur Breast Milk Storage Bags -50 bags:


Pur Breast Milk Storage Bags -50 bags:

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Product Highlights

  • Storage capacity is 8oz./250ml bags.
  • Suitable for storing milk in the refrigerator or freezer.
  • Double zip lock for extra protection from leakage or spillage.
  • Easy to write on surface for labeling.
  • Made of pre-sterilized medical grade material.
  • Safe and BPA free
  • Consists of 50 pcs./box

Expert's Advice

Pur breast milk storage bags are hard-sided plastic with well-fitting tops. BPA free containers, milk bags that are specifically designed for storing and freezing breastmilk.

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MRP: 699.00

Pur Breast Milk Storage Bags -50 bags:

MRP: 699.00

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  • Most breast milk storage bags come pre-sterilised to ensure maximum safety
  • Containers or bags should not be filled to the top – leave at least one inch of space to allow the milk to expand as it freezes.
  • Disposable bottle liners are not recommended for safe breastmilk storage because the risk of contamination is greater. These types of bags can be less durable and can tend to leak – you certainly don’t want to inadvertently lose any precious breastmilk.
  • Easy to mark date and name of the baby to avoid confusion.
  • Keep frozen breastmilk in the middle of the freezer where the temperature is most consistent. The temperature on the sides can fluctuate and you do not want milk to partially thaw because it cannot be refrozen.
  • Can pump directly into our milk storage bags without  transferring and without  wasting the milk.

Directions for Use:

  • Method 1

Depending on the breast pump that you are using as well as which storage bags you are using, you may be able to pump directly into storage bags. 

  • Store in a Space-Saving Manner. 
  • Thaw Safely. 
  • Discard the Bag.

Method 2

  • Simply transfer your pumped milk to the breast milk bag.
  • Seal the bag and write the date and time on the bag before storing it in the refrigerator or freezer. (Quality breast milk bags are self-standing for easy filling, handling, and space-saving storage.)

Safety Information:

  • Strongly recommended that breast milk storage bags are not to be reused, once it is used it is to be disposed off.
  • If you are pumping and storing your breastmilk at work in a common refrigerator, make sure you label it with your name or put it in a bag (also marked) so it is not mistaken for regular milk.


To avoid waste, store milk in small portions by putting only 60 to 120 ml (two to four ounces) of milk in the container (that’s the amount your baby is likely to eat in a single feeding). Fill the container up to 3/4 only. Milk will expand when freezing. Squeeze out the air at the top of the milk bag before sealing.

To pump milk directly into storage bags, you can use breast milk storage bags designed specifically for your pump. Another option is to purchase an adapter to allow the milk storage bags to fit your pump.

Be sure to store breast milk in clear plastic bottles. Never use bottles that may have BPA in them (avoid bottles with the recycle symbol 7). Freezer bags are specially designed for breast milk storage.Storage bags are another choice for freezing your breast milk.

Using breast milk storage bags help your little one get the very best of what you have to give by providing hygienic, safe, and time-saving storage while helping you conveniently continue to provide liquid gold , the breast milk, to your baby – even when you’re not nearby – for as long as you choose.

Pour very warm (not boiling) water in a mug or bowl. Place sealed bag or bottle of breast milk in the bowl of warm water. The milk should be kept in a sealed container for warming. Leave the milk in the warm water for 1-2 minutes until breast milk reaches desired temperature.

You can choose between clean and sterile baby bottles or unused breast milk storage bags. Some pumps have a way for you to pump directly into breastmilk storage bags, which can be convenient and allow you to skip the transfer step. Otherwise, you’ll pump directly into detachable bottles

After breastmilk has defrosted, air bubbles in the defrosted milk can cause tummy troubles for your baby, including excessive gassiness and even colic. You should always minimize the amount of air in your breastmilk storage bags and containers as much as possible.

It is best to store 4 ounces (125ml) of breastmilk in each bag, which is enough for a single feeding. Some moms store anywhere from 2 to 6 ounces per bag for different reasons. Since you can’t refreeze breastmilk, freezing more than you need in a bag is wasteful.

If you have a few pumping sessions within that time span and wish to combine the milk that you pumped, you can. You can then choose to store the milk or use it for feeding.

If you’re concerned about leaks, put the bag of breast milk into a new zip-top plastic bag. The zip-top bag will catch any leaks so that the milk isn’t lost. Another alternative is thawing in a silicone reusable breast milk bag (since these don’t leak).

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