Tynor Weight Cuff 1 kg

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Tynor Weight Cuff 1 kg

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Product Highlights

  • Used to strengthen muscles of upper limb and lower limb. 
  • Designed to fit all wrists and ankles. 
  • Improves muscle strength and stamina. 
  • Assists in complete physiotherapy program. 
  • Hook & loop feature for easy application and adjustment.
  • Available in three sizes: 0.5 kg, 1 kg and 2 kg. 

Expert's Advice

Aerodynamic shaped weight cuff filled with low friction steel balls is an ideal aid in rehabilitation process and physiotherapy program; will be beneficial for paraplegics, invalids, gym goers and muscle strengthening post surgery.

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MRP: Offer: 625.00You Save: 165.00

MRP: Offer: 625.00You Save: 165.00

Tynor Weight Cuff 1 kg

MRP: Offer: 625.00You Save: 165.00

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  • Weight cuff designed with hook and loop closure for easy adjustment and secure fitting. 
  • Helps in improving muscle strength, muscle tone and stamina.
  • Can improve the effectiveness of aerobics. 
  • Will give a soft and comfortable feel with secure grip around your wrist / ankle. 
  • Filled with low friction smooth steel balls to make the product accident free. 
  • High density of these balls ensures small volume of the product and convenience of use.
  • Reverse buckle mechanism to give secure tightening, easy application and removal of the cuff with size flexibility.
  • Made from strong spandex fabric for durability, enhanced comfort and pleasing aesthetics.

Directions of Use

  • Wrap the weight cuff around your wrist / ankle. 
  • Now, adjust the strap as per your comfort.  

Safety Information

  • Hand wash with mild detergent and water. 
  • Keep out of reach of children.


Weight cuff is used as a strengthening aid after osteoarthritis or neuropathy and beneficial in rehabilitation purposes. 

Yes, you can wear weight cuff during your workout; greater range of movement can be achieved during exercise as it does not slip or slide off even strenuous exercising program. 

Adding wrist weights in your exercise routine can boost the intensity of your workout. 

No. You should not wear wrist weight cuff all day as wearing wrist weight for an extended period of time imports stress on tendons and joints in the upper body which can lead to injury.

Yes. Ankle weight cuff can tone your leg muscles and allows the muscles to stay activate; these will improve your strength.

Wrist weight cuffs are excellent aids for building upper body muscles and strength.

Yes. Tynor weight cuffs are available in three sizes like 0.5 kg, 1 kg and 2 kg. 

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