Mee Mee Feeding Mug/Sipper Cup MM-4010G (240ml) Blue


Mee Mee Feeding Mug/Sipper Cup MM-4010G (240ml) Blue

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Product Highlights

  • Sipping cup helps in transition from bottle to cup easier than ever
  • Feeding mug equipped with a 360 degree soft silicone rim
  • Sipping cup with 360 silicon surface which allows easy flow when baby sips
  • Mee Mee sipper has a twin handle for better grip
  • Feeding mug that comes with Anti-leak facility
  • Feeding Mug/Sipper cup is available in 3 colors 


Color may slightly vary according to availability.

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MRP: Offer: 319.00You Save: 80.00

MRP: Offer: 319.00You Save: 80.00

Mee Mee Feeding Mug/Sipper Cup MM-4010G (240ml) Blue

MRP: Offer: 319.00You Save: 80.00

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  • Sipper cup is featured with soft spout and grippy handles. 
  • Feeding mug featured with 360 degree drinking surface.
  • Feeding mug comes with a silicone ring on the top of the cup. 
  • The silicone ring in the feeding mug can be removed and cleaned and should be done periodically to ensure you don’t get any mold.
  • A non-spill and shake proof sipper cup.
  • Sipper cup that has a spacious 240ml capacity. 
  • Feeding mug that is BPA free, and a great pick for transitioning from breast or bottle to baby sips.
  • Sipper cup that is ideal for early development and the transition to drinking water and other non-milk fluids. 
  • Feeding mug that has ergonomic handles, a leak-proof valve, an impact-resistant shell and a soft spout that’s comfortable on sensitive gums.

Directions for Use

  • Allow your child to interact with the cup, almost treating it like a new toy. And you can join in by holding it, dropping it, and exploring the cup and the lid. 
  • Show your child how to use the cup ,take a sip yourself, help feed the cup to them, and allow them to help feed the cup to you
  • Cheer their first sip.

Safety Information

  • Always properly clean your child’s sippy cups to prevent mould and mildew growth.
  • If your child is resistant to the change, be patient and take it slowly.


Can introduce sippy cups from babies’ 6 months.The reasoning behind this is to prevent tooth decay that can occur when children’s teeth are exposed to milk sugars for long periods of time. T

Sippy cups can keep children hydrated in a spill-proof fashion, without requiring an enormous amount of clean-up. They can help kids understand their own thirst. And they can be part of a variety of different cups parents use to help children understand different situations or to simply develop drinking skills

  • Featured with  a snap-top lid which keeps spout clean. 
  • It has a Soft spout with patented non-spill valve.
  • The Entire cup can be sterilized for hygiene purposes.

Check for the spout if it is hard or soft, check the material with which the sippy cup is made out of, be sure to try to buy one that is BPA-free.

The unique contoured shape and soft silicone spout make it easy for babies to get the hang of, and the touch flow technology activates as soon as pressure is applied to the spout – meaning that it won’t leak when it’s not being sipped from.

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