OXY99 FRESH Boschi Italy Portable Oxygen Cylinder

OXY99 FRESH Boschi Italy Portable Oxygen Cylinder

MRP: 650.00

  • Lightweight portable oxygen cylinder.
  • Ergonomically built-in mask and trigger system for easy inhalation.
  • Very helpful in high altitude.


  • Decrease the presence of hangover, take fresh stay fresh.
    Helps by taking 4 to 5 puffs it is useful in getting good sleep, relief from anxiety headache and give freshness.
  • Useful in breath recovery, which helps you to take breath easily.
    Instantly increases oxygen levels in the body and helps restore brain and body functions to normal.
  • Safe and easy to use certified oxygen in a can.
    By inhaling just 2 to 3 short puff, it helps through conditions resulting from low oxygen levels in the body.

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