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Romsons BPX-Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

2,700.00 1,890.00
  • Gives accurate reading, more easy to use.
  • 90 memory helps in better monitoring of the B.P.

Romsons Cold/ Hot Pack 15×30 inches

  • Helps reduce post-operative swelling, bruising, discomfort from liposuction, tummy tuck, upper or lower body procedure.
  • Excel­lent choice for sufferers of chronic pain from injuries, illness, arthritis and especially post knee replacement.
Brand: Quick View

Romsons Dignity Diaper


Romsons Dignity Diaper

  • Intended for a more full and more dynamic life.
  • Comfort for the users and simple to utilize.

Romsons Dignity Premium Adult Diapers



  • Easy to use and provide all-day protection from incontinence in both men and women.
  • Provides advanced leakage protection


Romsons Infrared Thermometer (Forehead type)

  • Allows to measure forehead temperature and is suitable for all ages.

Romsons Magna Adult Diaper – M (10 Pieces)

  • Super absorbent gel core keeps you feeling dry and fresh for hours, without having to worry about incontinence.

Romsons Mattey Underpad Sheets

  • Soft cloth-like top sheet is gentle against the skin
  • Self releasing silicone adhesive sticks to the surface.
  • Keeps the mattress clean and dry.
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Romsons Nosor Anti-Decubitus Air Bed

55,100.00 4,125.00

Romsons Nosor Anti-Decubitus Air Bed

55,100.00 4,125.00
  • Mattress allows sufficient flow of blood to all the tissues by reducing the pressure on blood vessels.
  • Further occurrence of sores is prevented and bedsores heal faster.

Romsons Oxee Check Pulse Oximeter (White-Green)



  • Portable device helps measure the percentage of oxygen in hemoglobin proteins, called oxygen saturation.
  • Important for people who are physically active or experiencing frequent drops in oxygen levels