Huggies newborn XS tape style diapers 22 Count


Huggies newborn XS tape style diapers 22 Count

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Product Highlights

  • Tape style diapers for new born upto 5 kg.
  • Feather soft material for newborns sensitive skin
  • Absorbs runny poo of new born
  • Designed with wetness indicator.
  • Keeps the baby feel fresh.

Expert's Advice

Gentle soft diapers that is clinically proven to prevent diaper rashes and absorbs the excretion of newborn quickly to give uninterrupted sleep to newborn and prevents infection due to wetness

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MRP: 315.00

MRP: 315.00

Huggies newborn XS tape style diapers 22 Count

MRP: 315.00

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  • Air fresh material lets the new borns delicate sensitive skin to breathe naturally by allowing maximum flow of fresh air
  • Super stretchy material gives the baby a gentle fit like a mothers hug.
  • The feather soft material gently cares the baby’s skin keeping it in comfort zone.
  • Intricately crafted with pockets that drain away runny poo and keeps the skin dry and fresh and speed dry layer absorbs wetness instantly.
  • Cushiony soft material delivers cottony feel with absorption upto 12 hours and stays dry overnight
  • Wetness indicator shows yellow colour when dry and turns blue if wet and indicates the time to change the diaper.

Direction of use

  • Stretch the diaper to open the leg guards properly.
  • Hold the diaper firmly with one hand and apply the side tapes one by one.
  • Re-adjust the tape if they are too loose or too tight

Safety information

  • Keep the diaper area clean and dry at every diaper change
  • Dispose the used diaper properly.
  • Do not flush / reuse


Keeps the newborns sensitive delicate skin soft and dry , free from rashes and suitable for new borns

Choose huggies newborn as it is designed with pockets to collect runny poo and keeps the baby dry

No clinically proven to prevent rashes and soft on skin with feathery soft material

It is not safe to keep the baby in diapers for 24 hours you need to have open air time for six to eight hours every day.

If baby defecates change immediately. Do not let the baby have diaper on for more than several hours or wait for the diaper to be heavy and leak

Huggies newborn diaper is designed with wetness indicator which is yellow in colour while you wear and change as soon as it turns blue indicating wetness

Carrying a child on hip or wearing diapers will not cause bow legs. Its false belief.

If you maintain proper hygiene standard by wiping the diaper area well and dry before wearing diaper and applying rash cream or moisturizer to protect the skin it is healthy to wear diapers.

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