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Good healthcare is a right. No matter where you live, you should have access to good healthcare. Following this philosophy, Wedjat Healthcare Private Limited was founded in August 2014 to deliver necessary healthcare items and durable at your doorstep.

Cureka is an online healthcare store that boasts of an assortment of healthcare products that have been meticulously tested and selected as the best in the market. Cureka does not promote healthcare products from any random FMCG company. Cureka offers health and wellness products only from the leading brands of the world. Our policy is to bring to you only those products that are effective and is value for money.

Our Range of Products

Cureka specializes in a huge range of healthcare essentials. They are as follows:

Health Equipment: Accessories like activity trackers, fracture care equipments, wheelchairs etc.

Wearable activity trackers (WAT) are electronic monitoring devices that enable users to track and monitor their health-related physical fitness metrics including steps taken, level of activity, walking distance, heart rate, and sleep patterns. Cureka has curated multiple number of such wearable trackers with different functions , applications and to match every pocket too!!

Patient & Elderly Care: Machines like glucometer, pulse oximeter, thermometer, weighing scales, walking aids, hearing aids etc.

Health Supplements: From food supplements to protein bars to calcium supplements

Vitamin supplements for regular consumption

Protein powders

Weight gain and weight loss supplements

Pain management equipment and products

Skincare products ranging from sunscreen lotions to anti-aging products

Haircare products

Dermatologists are the experts in handling hair related problems. Choosing the right hair care product for yourself is quite a challenge! Understanding what the problem is and then making a wise choice on what to choose is what Cureka intends hand hold you through. Products related to hair cleansers, dandruff problems, premature graying, frizzy hair, dull hair, damaged hair, hair loss make and female pattern, the list goes on. Pharmaceutical products like multivitamins, protein powders, medicated shampoos, hair growth lotions, biomimetics, etc. are all chosen by expert doctors. Ayurvedic and herbal products to boost hair growth also find equal place at Cureka !

Lip care products and nail care products

Products for mother and baby

Ayurvedic products categorized from the point of view of concerns: From anti-stress products to products aimed at curbing respiratory illnesses.