Head Lice

Head Lice

Lousy head is attributed to the parasite Pediculus humanus capitis which is not dangerous or a cause for any disease. It sucks the blood from the scalp and causes a lot of itching on the scalp.

Lotions containing permethrin 1% are very effective pharmaceutical products . Cureka enlists few Ayurvedic Oils which have also proven effective.

 Dandruff / seborrheic dermatitis

The yeast Melassezia furfur is the known causative agent for seborrhoea. The microbial (bacteria) flora of the scalp also attributes to this condition and it’s severity. Anti dandruff shampoos containing antifungals and antimicrobials are carefully chosen and listed on Cureka! Herbal and Ayurvedic  shampoos containing natural antimicrobial also stand as winners!

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