Lipolyzer Hips and Thighs Tablet for Weight Loss 30 Tab

  • Contains natural herbs and nutrients which help in weight loss and inch loss.
  • Helps In Balancing Hormones.


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  • Active ingredients of Garcinia Cambogia HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid) in Lipolyzer Hips & Thighs reduces absorption of carbohydrates in the body thereby helps in weight loss, fat loss & inch loss and acts as a Fat Burner.
  • Contains several natural ingredients like DIM, Red Clove, Zinc which helps in reducing estrogen dominance and helps in Weight Loss from target area from Hips & Thighs.
  • contains benefits of Milk thistle which helps in liver regeneration, cleansing and flushes toxins from the body.
  • contains natural benefit of Red clover which is considered to be a great source of isoflavones which helps in relieving osteoporosis, improves blood circulation, lowering cholesterol etc.
  • Low Carbohydrate Diet with lots of green vegetables along with Lipolyzer Tablet helps in reducing weight.
  • Comes with a free diet plan for 30 days