Cetrilak cetrimide solution – 100 ml

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Cetrilak cetrimide solution – 100 ml

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Product Highlights

• Solution that acts as disinfectant and antiseptic.
• Inhibits the growth of bacteria and microbes.
• Can be used for wound cleansing.
• Eliminates dandruff and prevents spread.

Expert's Advice

Topical antiseptic, antibacterial solution that can be used to keep the wound clean, skin free from infections, rashes and reduces dandruff, controls scalp psoriasis.

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MRP: 52.00

Cetrilak cetrimide solution – 100 ml

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• Cetrimide disinfects the skin , inhibits fungal infection, prevents rash.
• Stops the growth of dandruff causing fungi , reduces flaky and itchy scalp.
• Prevents infection in cuts, insect bites and grazes
• Reduces the risk of infection.


Cetrimide 5%
Isoprophyl alcohol 10%
Other ingredients:
Purified water, Perfume Q.S.

Direction of use

To use as an Antiseptic :

  • Dilute it to 5% to 2% (add 20 to 40 parts of water)

Note: Follow dilution as mentioned by your physician based on wound health.

To use for Dandruff :

  • Dilute it to strength of approximately 3% (1:6).
  • Apply on wet hair & rinse with water.

Safety information

• Use as per medical advice.
• Incompatible with anionic surfactants, soaps, bentonite, iodine, phenylmercuric nitrate, alkali hydroxides.
• May cause irritation or rashes.


Generally used as an antiseptic,effective against gram positive, gram negative bacteria and fungus.

Cetrimide is an antiseptic and disinfectant used topically for wound cleansing, to prevent infection in cuts and small wounds.

Cetrimide is for external application and is safe on skin. Avoid contact with nose, ears, mouth and eyes.

If you are pregnant or nursing mother, please inform your doctor before taking any medication.

Cetrimide eliminates the fungus and microbes on the scalp, prevents itchy and flaky scalp and improves hair health in case of dandruff and psoriasis.

Antiseptic solution reduces the risk of infection on the skin.