Re’equil  Skin Radiance Cream  for Hyper pigmentation  – 30g

  • Evens out and lightens skin tone
  • Boosts radiance and improves skin texture
  • Protects skin from acne spots, age spots & freckles
  • Reduces hyper pigmentation, dark spots, and melasma


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  • Skin attains an uneven tone due to the imbalance in melanin production, which results in pigmentation or dark skin.
  • This can be attributed to hormonal changes, post-partum changes, sun exposure or use of harsh skin care products.
  • Strong antioxidant action of natural plant extracts helps in accelerating the process of skin healing while imparting an even skin tone.
  • Provides natural radiance and glows to the skin
  • Balances the melanin production and protects skin from UV radiation.
  • Free from chemical bleaching agents such as Hydroquinone and Kojic acid.
  • Astringent properties  promotes  skin brightening and restores even skin tone.
  • Antioxidant properties protects the skin from free radical damage, thereby reversing skin ageing.
  • Ideal for both Men and Women.