Heliocare Advanced SPF 50 Spray

Heliocare Advanced SPF 50 Spray

MRP: 1,950.00

  • Clinically proven to give protection to the skin against harmful effects of UV rays, minimising the occurrence of hyperpigmentation
  • Prevents and repairs against DNA damage, preventing premature skin aging


  • Heliocare® SPF 50 Spray is a fluid,formulated with the exclusive Fernblock® technology and an excellent combination of filters that guarantee a wide coverage against solar radiation and its harmful effects, both in the short and long term.
  • Its multiposition spray format allows a comfortable application with an excellent finish.
    Easy-to-spread, fast-absorbing and water-resistant photo protector.
    Photo protection with antioxidant and repairing ingredients to complete the photo-protective effect.
  • Ultralight lotion of fast absorption, non-greasy, matte finish.
  • Not comedogenic
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