Chicco cotton buds with ear drum protection 90 pcs


Chicco cotton buds with ear drum protection 90 pcs

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  • Ear buds specially designed for ear drum protection
  • Soft and flexible to use on newborns from 0M+
  • 100%  cotton protects skin injury in ear area.
  • Ideal tool to clean outer surface of newborn’s ears.
  • Special shape protects the eardrum.
  • Available in 60’s pack and 90’s pack.

Expert's Advice

Specially designed ear buds prevents dirt and dust from entering your baby’s ears. During the initial stages, parents need to clean only the outer surface of the ear and do not insert the bud inside baby’s ear too deeply as it can damage the ear drum.

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MRP: 189.00

Chicco cotton buds with ear drum protection 90 pcs

MRP: 189.00

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  • Specially designed for the daily hygiene of the baby.
  • Chicco cotton buds with special eardrum protection lets you clean the outer surface of your baby’s ear gently, safely and ensures the safety of your baby’s delicate eardrum.
  • The stem of Chicco buds is made from paper and not plastic, biodegradable and if pushed deeper into the ear will break offering additional safety.
  • The special shape of the cotton tip they guarantee delicacy and protection for the eardrum.
  • Can always be carried with you inside the diaper bag to always have everything you need for hygiene and baby care.

Direction of use:

  •  Make sure your baby is calm and engaged while cleaning their ears
  • Use only clean lukewarm water to dip and clean the eardrums.
  • Place hands in slanting position and clean the outer parts and don’t go deep inside.
  • Refer the manufacturer instruction for pictorial representation of correct position of arm while cleaning to be more safer.

Safety information:

  • Do not use sharp objects to clean the delicate years.
  • Don’t spray water or any liquid inside the ear with force for hard dirts.
  • Do not clean the ear wax completely.


Never put anything sharp inside the baby’s ears. It can damage the baby’s ears and can lead them to permanent hearing disability.

Your baby should be calm and if awaken should engage in some interesting activity while cleaning to keep them distracted.

When you have a new-born baby, you can clean their ears in three to four days or even more than that. When the baby becomes five to six months old, they start facing more dirt and germs while crawling or playing. Then you can maintain a daily routine of cleaning their ears. But remember to use gently.

The use of moisturizers or baby massage oil is unsuitable for the ears as it attracts more dust than before. Use warm water.

Newborn’s ear are delicate and sensitive. Use chicco baby ear buds as they protect ear drum, designed with special shape that adopts to ear shape, safe and flexible with 100% cotton , paper stem that is eco friendly.

Wipe behind the ears and around outside of each ear and outer folds .

Ear wax is safe and protective as the ear canal secrets ear wax it needs.Usually all swabs do not remove all wax on contrary they push some of the wax inside the ear when we try to take it out.

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