Alembic Altris HD, Hair Hue Therapy, 3 Sachets (Dark Brown)

Alembic Altris HD, Hair Hue Therapy, 3 Sachets (Dark Brown)

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  • Naturally conditions and protects hair while providing protein nourishment to the scalp.
  • No side effects. Restores the hair color.

Expert's Advice

For individuals allergic to hair dyes this is a good option

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  • Controls dandruff and provides UV Protection to maintain hair luster helps regain shine and softness.
  • Amla Prevents Hair Fall And Premature Hair Graying. Acts As A Natural Hair Conditioner and Hair Tonic.
  • Indigo Helps Achieve Deep Dark Brown And Black Shades Coffea.
  • Coffee Protects Against UVA and UVB Protection.
  • Manjistha Darkens Colour, Prevents Hair Loss And Dandruff Lawsonia.
  • Mehndi Tightens Hair Cuticle, Increases Hair Body And Luster, Makes Hair Soft.
  • Shikakai Cleanses Hair, Promotes Hair Growth, Helps Remove Dandruff and Lice.
  • Brahmi Transmits Hair Nutrients To Hair Roots Resulting In Hair Growth. Prevents Colour Change and Strengthens Hair.
  • Bhangra Moisturises Hair, Provides Multivitamins That Strengthen The Hair Shaft And Provides Natural Shine & Protection Against Dandruff.
  • Khair Has Powerful Therapeutic Antioxidant Properties.
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