Albio Chair Cum Standing Frame For CP Children

Albio Chair Cum Standing Frame For CP Children

MRP: 15,800.00

  • Useful for the people who cannot sit up on his own and who needs his back, shoulders and upper trunk supported,
  • Allows the child to be independent, with hands free for play, while maintaining optimal erect trunk alignment.


Standing frame for cp child

  • Useful for a person with cerebral palsy who cannot bear weight on their legs.
  • Helps to be able to stay in an upright posture using a standing frame.
  • Has a wide secure base for stability with activity table to facilitate learning or play.
  • Improves bone strength, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and bowel function, and general well-being
  • Foot Seperator is provided for comfort.
  • Standing Height be adjusted as per users comfort.
  • Activity Table height is 45 cms to 100 cms and can be fabricated as per requirement.
  • Metal Frame is easy to dismantel and store.
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