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Anti Melasma Cream

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3-Detan Cream Mild Fragrance 50g

  • Detan Cream.
  • Used for hyper pigmentation disorders such as melasma, chloasma, un-even skin tones etc.,
  • Contains Multifruit BSC, OMC, Tropaeolum Majus flower, Vitamin E, and D-Panthenol as main active ingredients.

Alniche Ultra Wyte SPF 15 Facial Creams


helps to protect the skin and also simultaneously nourish the skin

Clinically tested face cream.


Crystal Tomato Skin Clarity Cream

  • Designed specifically for melasma and skin pigmentation problems.
  • Helps prevent the formation of new melanin spots.

Ethicare Dermashine Creams – Skin Lightening/Dark Patches/Sun Tan


Helps to get rid of uneven skin tone, unwanted pigmentation, dark spot, and melasma.

Ethicare Kozilite Non Oily Skin Lightening Lotion

  • Reduces blemishes, lightens and brightens skin tones.
  • Skin vitamins and UV filters to nourish and protect the skin.

Ethicare Kozilite- H Skin Lightening Cream


Reduces blemishes and lightens skin tone.

Fairlite Cream


Fairlite Cream


1. Controls day time Melanogenesis.
2. Reduces appearance of dark spots.
3. Lightens overall skin tone & provides skin tone uniformity.
4. Prevents oxidative stress on skin.
5. Provides broad spectrum protection against UV radiation (both UV A & UV B).
6. Safe & effective for long term use.

JRK EVE Fresh Creams – Dark Patches/Melasma/Acne Spots

  • Decreases hyperpigmentation (Dark Patches)
  • Skin lightening effect.

MRHM I-Glow Gel


MRHM I-Glow Gel

  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Reduces pigmentation

Re’equil  Skin Radiance Cream  for Hyper pigmentation  – 30g

  1. Evens out and lightens skin tone
  2. Boosts radiance and improves skin texture
  3. Protects skin from acne spots, age spots & freckles
  4. Reduces hyper pigmentation, dark spots, and melasma