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Flamingo Gel Metatarsal Pad (Female) is offered to the clients in Universal size, which is perfect for all types of ladies footwear. This is an excellent foot padding, which helps to ease forefoot pain. It is very effective in treating the pain caused by calluses, metatarsalgia, capsulitis and neuromas. There is a simple loop in Gel Metatarsal Pad (Female) , which fits around the toe to hold this gel pad in place under the forefoot.

This product is perfect to provide relief from the pressure caused on the plantar forefoot and metatarsal bones. Gel Metatarsal Pad (Female) helps to provide shock absorption and reduce calluses as well as inflammation of the forefoot. The gel material used in the making of this product is oil-based and is extremely safe to wear. Moreover, this gel is non-toxic and non-allergenic in nature.

Some of the highlights of Flamingo Gel Metatarsal Pad (Female) are as follows:

· Absorbs shock

· Absorbs impact

· Even distribution of pressure

· High level of comfort and support

Reduces the burning sensation

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